Resources for Digital Storytelling 

Tips for Digital Storytelling

The Digital Storytelling Handbook includes everything you need to get started including how to find stories in your life, types of stories, seven steps to digital storytelling, information on scripting and storyboarding, digitalizing story elements, and more...

Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano is available as a free downlaod for teachers! This guide was written especially for educators, who want to teach 21st century skills, such as collaborating, communicating, and connecting, through digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling: Extending the Potential for Struggling Writers 
While some young writers may struggle with traditional literacy, tapping into new literacies like digital storytelling may boost motivation and scaffold understanding of traditional literacies. Three types of struggling writers are introduced followed by descriptions of ways digital storytelling can support their development.

One True Media- A web-based digital storytelling tool used to "...effortlessly combine photos and video clips with words and music to personalize your story. You can quickly share with our online slideshow or get as creative as you want with our video montage." Upload images and audio for story track. Embed in blogs or directly post to YouTube/Google video, mySpace, Google Groups. Great template choices.

Voice Thread- A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or phone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too. A timelining tool where you write a 'story' and add pictures and video. OurStory creates a timeline. Imports flickr photos. a comic stip tool where you can create your own 1, 2, or 3 panel cartoons using a library of cartoons, text bubbles. Images can be uploaded and manipulated with simple tools. Created "doos" can be combined into "ToonBooks", embedded in blogs, etc. A lot of versatility.

ComicCreator from ReadWriteThink-The Comic Creator is an interactive tool that invites students to compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts. Sound effects for use in digital stories and podcasts. This tool analyzes an uploaded set of images and creates a "professional" music video based on a secret artificial intelligence logic. Very easy to create elegant picture shows. Make comic strips from your own photos using standard sets of frames. Apply PhotoShop like effects to images. Add speech bubbles and other "goodies". Create posters with images, video, audio (uploaded or recorded) and apply a wide range of text effects- note that each one is relatively large sized (may not fit in blog page). Be sure to see Glogster/edu for education related resources and services Powerful slide show creator; imports PowerPoint, uses themes, can add builds, transitions, timer slide advances, include video, attach audio for entire presentation or per slide, flash in slides, publish as public or with password access. A most unique presentation tool that provides dramatic levels of pan, rotation, and zoom. Sequencing allows for a unique way to connect pieces of a story. Comic creator tool makes the world a canvas for our stories and photos. 

Book Trailers for Readers (just like movie trailers but for books!)

Book Trailers for All (divided by various grade-levels)

Book Trailers for Picture Books 

Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Browsers

Digital Writing: A Podcast with Troy Hicks

100 Helpful Tool For Every Kind of Learner

Kidblog is a safe, simple, and free tool on the web for quickly creating student blogging accounts.