Independent & Partner Reading
*Help your class build reading stamina by tracking how long they can read independently. Start the beginning of the year with realistic expectations (they have not been sitting around ALL summer reading) because you want all readers to feel successful. Then challenge students to add one minute each day!
Articles, Information & Additional Resources:

Independent Reading – The Foundation of Lifelong Reading :An article for teachers & parents

What Is Independent Reading?  A power point presentation 

Independent Reading Videos for Various Age Groups

A Blog About Independent Reading for Middle and High School Classrooms

Classroom Management in a Reading Workshop

Book Choice: In this podcast, Sharon Taberski talks with Franki Sibberson about how she selects books for instruction, as well as how she assists students as they make choices for independent reading.

Gay Su Pinnell's Thoughts on Choosing Books

Choosing Books That Are Just Right

Partner Reading to Maximize Time Students Read in School​

The Reader's Notebook: Great info, visuals, and printables to help you set up notebooks in your Reading Workshop

The Reading Notebook: Using Double-Entry Journals As Formative Assessments

A Strategy Lesson for "Drive-Thru" Readers by: Aimee Buckner

Book Choice: In this podcast, Sharon Taberski talks about the teacher's role in helping students make smart and thoughtful book choices.

Partner Reading: A short video from a fourth-grade classroom where students interview each other to find partners and share stacks of books.