Writing Resources for Professional Library

The Art of Teaching Writing by Lucy Calkins
Units of Study (k-2) and (3-5) by Lucy Calkins
Breathing In, Breathing Out by Ralph Fletcher
How’s It Going? by Carl Anderson
What a Writer Needs? by Ralph Fletcher
Notebook Know How by Aimee Buckner
Mentor Texts by Lynne R. Dorfman  & Rose Cappelli
Non-Fiction Mentor Texts by Lynne R. Dorfman & Rose Cappelli
The Resourceful Writing Teacher by Jenny Mechem
Teaching the Qualities of Writing by Ralph Fletcher  & JoAnn Portalupi
The No-Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing by Judy Davis & Sharon Hill
Wonderous Words by Katie Wood Ray
Non-Fiction Matters by Stephanie Harvey
Craft Lessons (fiction and non-fiction) by Ralph Fletcher
After the End by Barry Lane
Thinking Out Loud On Paper by Karen Haag, Lil Brannon, Tony Iannone & Sally Griffin
The Writing Workshop: Working Through The Hard Parts (And They're All Hard Parts 
   by Katie Wood Ray
Study Driven by Katie Wood Ray
Non-Fiction Mentor Texts by Lynne R. Dorfman  & Rose Cappelli
Boy Writers: Reclaiming Their Voices by Ralph Fletcher
Cracking Open the Author's Craft by Lester Laminack
Awakening the Heart by Georgia Heard
In the Middle by Nancie Atwell
One to One: the Art of Conferring With Writers by Lucy Calkins
A Fresh Look at Writing by Donald Graves
The Revision Toolbox by Georgia Heard
First Grade Writers by Stephanie Parsons
Second Grade Writers by Stephanie Parsons
Making Revision Matter by Janet Angelillo
A Fresh Approach to Teaching Punctuation by Janet Angelillo
What Student Writing Teaches Us by Mark Overmeyer
Everyday Editing by Jeff Anderson
Pyrotechnics on the Page by Ralph Fletcher
The Power of Grammar by Mary Ehrenworth & Vicki Vinton
Of Primary Importance by Ann Marie Corgill
A Quick Guide to Teaching Persuasive Writing by Sarah Picard Taylor
A Quick Guide to Teaching Second Grade Writers With Units of Study by Lucy Calkins
A Quick Guide to Boosting English Aquisition by Alison Porcelli & Cheryl Tyler
A Quick Guide to Reaching Struggling Writers by Colleen Cruz
A Quick Guide to Making Your Teaching Stick by Shanna Schwartz
Don't Forget to Share by Leah Marmelstein
Mentor Author, Mentor Texts by Ralph Fletcher

Additional Resources